Chappy Cheeks & Lips Set (Baby/Toddler)

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Protect and heal your little ones' face with our Chappy Cheeks balm. As with our Chappy Lips, we've ensured that our Chappy Cheeks formula is extra gentle. We've infused a combination of Sweet Almond and Coconut Oils with Calendula, an herb with exceptional skin healing attributes. The calendula infused oil and beeswax work together to protect little faces by trapping moisture and healing any damage inflicted by the harshness of winter.

Ingredients: *Calendula infused Oil (*Sweet Almond Oil & *Coconut Oil), *Beeswax, Vitamin E, with Lavender Essential Oil

*certified organic

Calendula Flowers - The most commonly known herb for first aid remedy for cuts and wounds. Wonderfully gentle and effective for healing irritated, injured skin. Often used to promote skin repair, calendula encourages healing of wounds, burns and bruises.

Lavender - Heals wounds, relieves pain, while gently cleansing the skin

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Healed Chapped Cheeks

For a while now, my 15-month-old has had red, chapped cheeks, and I've even asked the doctor about it. The doctor suggested using Vaseline before bedtime, so I ended up trying it with various other skin healing products, all with minimum results. I thought I would give Chappy Cheeks a shot, and I've been really happy with it! So far this product has worked better than anything, and it is NOT gloppy and greasy like other things. I rub a little on throughout the day without worrying that greasy stuff will be all over everything. Thanks for this great product!


I buy this for my new grandchild along with their Boo Boo Salve and Diaper Salve. They work when other products don't plus they are save for my precious little ones.