Warm Weather Shipping


Our goal is to create the most natural and nourishing skincare products possible.  As part of that goal, we take great care to formulate our salves and balms without the addition of synthetic stabilizers or waxes. As a result, during very warm weather, these products may soften or even melt during their travels or after their arrival while sitting outside on your porch or in your mailbox. 

While we have no control over the weather conditions during transit or delivery we are aware of these challenges and take every effort to package our products in an insulating and protective manner (using only boxes and plenty of bubble wrap and other insulating supplies).  We also plan shipments to go out on days where they will be in transit for the shortest time possible (i.e. we will hold shipments that could go out on Saturday until Monday if the transit time is reduced by holding the shipment). However, even with all our good intentions, it is still possible that your salves and balms my melt while they are on their way to you.  The good news is that neither the healing properties of the product nor the usability will be affected by the melting. The changes to the product caused by melting will strictly be related to presentation.

In addition to the extra precautions we take when packaging your shipment there are also precautions you can take. First, bring your package indoors as soon as you can after delivery.  While it may be tempting to open up your products immediately, exercise patience and wait to open them until they've spent about 15 minutes in the refrigerator.  You may even be compelled to open them up to check for melting, don't!  Even this small peek could cause some of the product to spill from the container if melting has occurred. 

While we don't love the challenges presented by shipping natural products during the warmer months, we do think it's worthwhile to keep our products as natural and nourishing as possible. We hope you understand and prefer this as well!

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you have!